Bradoc, Blessed Virgin Mary

bradock_churchOriginally a chapelry of St Winnow, Bradoc became a parish in 1331.  Best  known for its woodwork and retains:

  1. Base of rood screen is exuberantly carved with pomegranates that look like large Chinese lanterns.  Pomegranate symbol of Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s queen until, and in the 1550s by her daughter Queen Mary I.  A bearded man, mens’ heads in profile, a dragon’s head breathing out a scroll, a pig playing bagpipes and a monkey all appear among the foliage.  By 1912 the upper part of the screen was removed to Boconnoc.
  2. Bench ends include Exeter saint, St Sidwell, with her scythe of martyrdom and  head in her hand (see Lanreath), and a ewer, and chalice and host representing the mass.  This and Morval are the only places that saved some of their pre-Reformation plate.
  3. Wagon roofs, evidence of a ceilure over the rood, roof bosses and 17th century pulpit.
  4. Curious folk art panels can be matched by chairs at Mylor and Plympton and are probably 19th century in date.
  5. Font, Norman with four heads at corners and tree of life
  6. Unusual transept arrangement with pillar in middle which may represent the beginnings of a north aisle aborted at the Reformation.

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