Sancreed, St Creden

sancreedChurch town setting and like Gwinear sashed-out with opening wooden sash windows around 1814.  As Gilbert noted in 1820, ‘the large panes of glass have greatly increased the light of the interior’, but the Victorians put things right with guess-work Gothic tracery.

  1. Churchyard cross with crucified Christ – a West Cornwall type.
  2. Rood screen base with carvings which retain their medieval paint, including a spotted goat, a jester, a triple headed king (perhaps representing the Trinity), birds and other beasts.
  3. Unusual pier sections based on a circular profile with four attached shafts.
  4. Sedding’s new chancel roof, part of a costly restoration in 1891.
  5. 15th century granite font of St Ives type with shield-bearing angels at the corners.
  6. Bench ends with shields of usual early 16th century type
  7. Two significant holy wells with chapels in parish at Chapel Downs, a short walk from the church, and probably sharing a dedication with it.  Also Chapel Euny, dedicated to the patron saint of Redruth.
  8. In the new graveyard are the tombs of Elizabeth Forbes and other Newlyn artists.

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