St Eval, St Uvelas

st evalThe RAF church for Cornwall.  Set in a strange wasteland where there was once a hamlet.  The chancel was extended by six foot in 1322.  Many Cornish churches had their chancels extended at this time, but this is one of few documented examples.  St Eval was then part of the Bishop’s Peculiar Deanery of Pawton.

  1. Norman window on north side of nave.
  2. Screen base with exceptional carving of dragons and bearded men in Tudor costumes
  3. Green men roof bosses – are these original or replacements?  When roofs were plastered over in the 1800s at the orders of the Rural Deans, roof bosses were often lost.
  4. Bench ends – an excellent set of 27.  Include sacred monograms – a crowned M for the Virgin Mary etc.
  5. Pulpit of 1638.  The date only became apparent when the Victorian varnish was cleaned off.
  6. Low south aisle over rood screen with Devon style foliated capitals.  Arch arrangement like former examples in the Lizard churches of Grade and Ruan Major.  The latter had low arches on both sides of the screen.  Family connection with the Lizard through Nanfans and Eriseys.
  7. North transept being opened up into north chapel.
  8. Sundial dated 1721 with inscription ‘Wee shall die all’.  A good example of the  many Cornish church sundials of this period.
  9. Its tower served as a sea mark and was rebuilt in 1727.
  10. Fabulous RAF memorial window by Crear McCartney, 1989.

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