St Just in Penwith, St Just

st justChurch in a village of many pubs.  This was the centre of a major mining area from the 16th century to the early 19th century.  Burial ground too small for population and stinking when new graves dug by 1815.

  1. Chi-rho stone with inscription ‘Silus lies here’, one of earliest early Christian memorial stones
  2. 9th  or early 10th century cross shaft reused as north aisle building block.
  3. Flamboyant east window tracery for east windows of aisles like Padstow – late 14th or early 15th century date.
  4. Wall paintings of St George and the Dragon and Warning to Sabbath Breakers, see Poundstock.  The first has a restored head and the latter no head now.  The boat with a large fish in it, which is among the trade tools inflicting extra wounds on the crucified body of Christ in the latter scene, is a reference to how many local people earned a living.  Tinners’ tools, including a shovel, may also be shown.
  5. Limestone piers with vine leave capitals of Devon-type and extra wave moulding instead of hollow chamfer.  See St Ives and Devon churches for latter and Gwinear etc for former.
  6. Religious label stops for south aisle windows including fleur de lys, G or J for Jesus and a buckle-like M for the Virgin Mary.  The same devices appear on shields borne by angels on south aisle capitals.
  7. Rood screen base with chunky foliage.
  8. Church and tower – granite ashlar – early 16th century veneer?
  9. Trademark black mortar used by J.P. St. Aubyn for Victorian restoration.
  10. A plain an guarry or open air playing place lies across the main square.

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