If you are associated with a church in need of restoration or repair (of any denomination) we may be able to help.

Applying for a Grant

We will consider helping any church, chapel or meeting house of any denomination which is open for worship. Unfortunately we cannot help closed churches or chapels.

Have a look at Previous Grants Awarded: 2007 - 2017 to see the churches we have helped and the variety of projects we have supported.  The process is very simple, and not time consuming.  Download a grant application form; there are four to choose from depending on the denomination of your church ( C of E, RC, Methodist, or Independent). Then fill in the form on your computer, and email it back to the Secretary (his email details are on the form) as an attachment.

Once we have received the form, then arrangements will be made for your church to be visited, and a member of the Trust will discuss your project with you and see exactly what it is your church needs. The Trustees meet to consider Grants in March, June/July and October in each year.  To be processed, Grant Applications should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary by the 1st. February, 1st. May and 1st September in each year. At the moment our maximum grant is £5,000.

If you have any questions, then please use the contact tab to email the Secretary.

Application Forms

To download, click on the appropriate form below

Methodist Churches or Chapels

Roman Catholic Churches

Church of England Churches

Independent Churches or Chapels

Previous Grants Awarded

Have a look at Previous Grants Awarded: 2007 - 2017