Why should your community take part in Cornwall Churches Day?

The important message is that any money raised is split between your parish PCC and the CHCT 50/50, thereby benefiting the parish and also supporting our vision of providing an insurance policy for when your parish church needs help for larger projects that seem overwhelming. The CHCT can offer local knowledge and often when they support an application larger more wealthy bodies are minded to follow suit.

In 2018 we awarded £80,000 in grants to Cornish churches & chapels. In addition to this we were able to advise and direct parishes to other organisations that could offer large areas of financial support. However the reality is that the total combined project costs of churches making applications to us in 2018 was just shy of £2,000,000 therefore, it is clear that we need to be able to offer more assistance and thus why we are reaching out to all the parishes within the county to highlight what we can do with your help.

The most effective way of raising money is for each parish to organise an event of their own. It does not have to be on the second Saturday in September but the important thing is to let us know the what is happening so that we can highlight every parish’s events on our website.

In 2016 Devon achieved a county result of just over £92,000 with £46,000 for Devon Historic Churches Trust, the other half having been retained by the contributing parishes. Cornwall by comparison raised just over £4,000 with £2,000 donated to CHCT. If Cornwall’s 250 parishes could raise £100 each for CHCT we would be looking at £25,000, imagine if we improved on this and were able to raise £200 or more per parish.

With times getting ever tougher for all parishes, we need to join together to look after our county’s unique architectural gems. We have more late medieval remains in this county than anywhere else in the country and we need our communities help do that we can continue to  support them in preserving Cornish churches and chapels for our appreciation now and for future generations.

You can download posters to advertise your events and recruit volunteers below or contact your local CHCT representative using the form at the bottom of this page.

Cornwall Churches Day Volunteer Recruitment Poster

Cornwall Churches Day Events Poster

Cornwall Churches Day Sponsorship Form

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