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The Cornwall Historic Churches Trust (CHCT) was formed in 1955 to assist in the restoration and repair of Cornish churches which have architectural or historic merit.  Our patron is HRH the Duke of Cornwall.

The Trust has limited capital and resources and its work can only continue and be effective through the generosity and support of our Friends in Cornwall and beyond. The Trust is a registered charity and churches and chapels of all denominations are eligible to apply for assistance. For more information about the Trust, go to About Us.

Latest News

CHCT Offers Immediate Grants For Maintenance Work

Church maintenance helps avoid church restoration. Modest amounts invested in maintenance now will lead to savings later. The CHCT, with help from the Tanner Trust, announces a scheme which will allow churches to replace slates, attend to gutters and down pipes (also called rainwater goods) and maintain drains.

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Communities Preserving Churches

We are passionate about helping communities to preserve their churches and chapels for future generations; providing advice, support and grants to help them. But to enable us to do this we need the support of our Cornish churches communities.

In 2018 we awarded more than £85,000 in grants to churches and chapels in need and helped them raise additional funds from other sources.  However it is sobering to note that the total project costs for these churches was just shy of £2,000,000.

To support more projects we need more funds and your community can help. If each of our 250 parishes could fund raise just £100 a year for CHCT we would have an additional £25,000 to offer in support. Now imagine if each parish could raise £200 or even £400. We could double the amount of support we could offer!

So we are asking if alongside your usual fundraising events could you put on one event each year where you donate 50% of the funds you raise at that event to CHCT. Think of it like an insurance policy, helping us to continue support communities in preserving their churches and chapels and keeping us there for when you need that support.

Find out more on our Fundraising Page.

Church Histories Project

duloesmallPublish your church's history on our website

Look at the Church Histories section and explore the map showing those churches and chapels which have contributed to this project so far. You'll find details of who to get in touch with.

We can put you in touch with our historian and archivist if you need help with writing your history, and we can provide photographs if necessary.

National Churches Trust

NCT-LogoAs a trusted partner of the National Churches Trust, we have access to a number of additional grants for projects as part of the Partnership Grants Programme. The Programme has provided over £1 million in grant funding towards repairs at churches and chapels over the last five years, and can now support some installation of facilities. Applications should be made directly to us by following the application procedure as set out under the Grants tab above.


Donations and Bequests

We are always grateful when people choose to support the trust by donation or leaving a bequest in their will.

If you would like to make a donation to the trust you can do so online via give.net/chct

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